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No I think you just ran out of things to say because you finally realized that you are trying to call me out for judging people when you are doing the same. You are no white knight. No one is even listening to what you are saying. Promise. If you think that you are defending anyone right now, you're not. This conversation will probably stay between me and you forever. So why complain about something that has nothing to do with you?

Asked by simplephotography77

NUH UH. Seriously just stop embarrassung yourself. I was defending no person or entity, I was defending photography as an art form that is as open to interpretation as any other form. Merely trying to explain (to someone clearly uncapable of higher-level thinking) that moaning and groaning about a photo blogging tool being used to blog photos is not only redundant, but irritating. I don’t understand why you cannot admit that you goofed and let it go. I can drone on about your incompetance all day, so if that’s what you want me to do, then I shall. Maybe in the future you should ask your parents for permission before using grown-up things like the internet. Cheers. D├ęgage.

07.17.12 0